calea victoriei 45, bucharest ︎ 

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vegan golden milk,
100g - 27lei

dehydrated coconut milk
powder for easy-to-make
vegan milk, 100g - 16lei

vegan chocolate powder,
150g - 38lei

Day Drinks - signature recipes. All made in-house from scratch.
Simply mix with vegan milk, regular milk or hot water. They make cute gifts, too.
Preorder at or on instagram to make sure products will be available.

alternative milk from
almonds, cashew, walnuts;
super popular; 500ml - 23lei

chai latte spice mix,

150g - 59lei (with jar);

150g - 49lei (refill)

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Night Drinks ︎

the one and only FIX Negroni.
500ml - 130lei

Night Drinks - signature cocktails by the bottle made by


Huge selection of craft beer available. Mix and match.
Natural Wines also available 🍷
Preorders available at or on instagram.

Romanian fine bubbles. 750ml /109.5lei

Romanian fine bubbles 👌️ 

Savatiano, the Grape. Now in a sleek Greek bottle. 750ml /49lei

Savatiano, the Grape.
Now in a sleek Greek bottle, 750ml 


Boring label from a sumptuous Greek Chateau. Trust us, great organic red wine. 750ml /105lei

Boring label from a
sumptuous Greek Chateau.
Trust us, great organic red wine, 750ml

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independent social house

Meaning we serve coffee, home-made everything - sodas, juices & other drinks by day.
By evening, we organise art exhibitions with a focus on Eastern Europe as a topic where we sip on wines, chat and mingle.

We’re also a bottle shop of regional and natural wines & craft beer.
Situated in central Bucharest, near the National Art Museum.
Check our instagram out for all sorts of updates, including current menus.

Virtual hugs from Artichoke Social House ︎

Pay a visit to our sister venue - FIX ME A DRINK, a cocktail bar with a focus on Eastern European nostalgia ingredients.

e-mail us:
address: calea victoriei 45, sector 1, Bucharest
call us: +40 (771) 707869

roots and soda srl
splaiul independentei 1, sector 4, Bucuresti
J40 / 1801 / 2016 & ro35621167